The Devil's Trap;
He's a mere shadow, a man who's able to be everywhere at the same time. Knowledge makes him powerful, the kingdom he built himself makes him the Napoleon of Crime also known as the most dangerous criminal mind world has ever seen.

Ultimately, a puppet-master who pulls numerous strings. Pay him well with money, information or your valuable services and he may fix your problem.

Independent Roleplay & Ask Blog. Based on Sherlock BBC's James (Jim) Moriarty. Post-Reichenbach. Will roleplay with anyone from any fandom.
Um.. I saw a pick up line online, so, here goes: That shirt is really becoming on you. Of course, if I were on you, I'd be coming too.

Prompt: Reblog if you want to receive terrible, yet hilarious, pick-up lines.

Clever. Very clever, that is. Didn’t think you’d like to be on top, my dear.



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